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Leadtrade Market® will from time to time offer bonuses, trading packages, customized programs, and various special offers. For specific details, please contact customer service via Live Chat, Email or Phone. We aim to make your experience as transparent as possible so don’t hesitate to be in touch. (support@Leadtrade

General Description of the Symmetrical Bonus Method:

  1. Effective, 03th January 2016, the Company implemented a new methodology for calculating the allocation of Profit and Loss of trades that occur in accounts with an active cash bonus.
  2. These terms and conditions and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cypriot courts.


“Account Bonus Balance” refers to the portion of the Total Value of Your Account that is unavailable for withdrawal until the Minimum Trading Volume is achieved.   This amount is calculated by adding the Active Bonus plus its Proportional Value of trading Profit and Loss.

“Account Cash Balance” refers to the portion of the Total Value of Your Account that is available for withdrawal at any time. This amount is calculated by adding the Net Deposits plus their Proportional Value of trading Profit and Loss.

“Account Summary” shall refer to the “My Account” section of the Trading Platform where a Client can see in real time the “Account Cash Balance”, “Account Bonus Balance”, “Total Cost of Your Open Positions”, and “Total Value of Your Account”.

“Active Bonus” shall refer to a Trading Benefit of a specific bonus amount that is deposited into a trading account that has a Minimum Trading Volume requirement, which is agreed upon between the Company and the Client. In certain cases where a Client has more than one (1) active bonus, all bonuses will be aggregated and treated as one (1) active bonus.

“Balance for Withdrawal” shall mean Account Cash Balance.

“Cumulative Trading Volume “refers to the aggregate volume of Transactions that the client entered into until a specific date.

“Minimum Trading Volume” shall refer to the minimum number of Transactions that the Client must enter into in order to convert a bonus into Cash.

“Net Deposits” is the amount of Deposits minus Withdrawals plus Trading Profit and Loss generated prior entering into the Bonus Scheme.

“Open Positions” shall mean any open option contract (call and / or put) which has not been closed.

“Proportional Value” is calculated by dividing the Net Deposits by the Net Deposits plus Bonus in order to determine the percentage of the Profit and Loss from trading that will be attributed to the deposits (in order to establish the Account Cash Balance ), while there is still an active bonus. 100 minus the Proportional Value determine the percentage of the Profit and Loss from trading that will be attributed to the bonus (in order to establish the Account Bonus Balance). Examples of how to calculate the Proportional Value can be found below.

“Symmetrical Bonus Method” is the process where the Company attributes profit and loss according to a Proportional Value.

“Time Restriction” Customers have 60 days (“timeframe”), from the date of receiving the Bonus, to meet the abovementioned Volume Conditions.
Upon Timeframe expiration the Account shall be adjusted to the deposits made by the Client to the Account.

“Total Cost of Your Open Positions” refers to the value of all open Orders in the system.

“Total Value of Your Account” refers to the Account Cash Balance + Account Bonus Balance + Total Cost of Your Open Positions.

“Trading Volume Requirement” shall refer to numerical multiplier used to calculate the Minimum Trading Volume. This multiplier can be up to sixty (60) times the bonus amount.

General Bonus Conditions and restrictions:

1. Bonuses are immediately available for trading

2. Each individual Bonus offer is one time only for each unique user.

3. Bonus Examples (below) are provided for illustration purposes only. In specific, Trading Volume is aggregated based on the Invested Amount only and does not include Profits/Returns in the calculation. For simplicity and ease, you can always check your updated activity via the “Trade History” tab within the “My Account” section.

Understanding Symmetrical Bonuses

The symmetrical bonus is distributed according to a factor called the Rb (bonus ratio). The bonus ratio calculates how much of the balance is bonus (and therefore not available for withdrawal) and how much belongs to the user’s cash balance (and therefore, can be withdrawn). More on how this calculation works below.


Calculating the Bonus Ratio (Rb)

The bonus ratio, or Rb, is calculated as follows:
Rb = 1 – (Available for withdrawal + Client’s investments in open positions) divided by (current balance + total investments in open positions)
So, for example, if the user has a balance of $1000, and $600 is available to withdrawal, the Rb is
Rb = 1 – (600 / 1000) = 0.4
Rb = 0.4

A related ratio is the cash ratio (Rc):

Rc = 1 – Rb
In other words – the Rc is the portion of the trade money that is attributed to the customer (available to withdraw) while the Rb is the portion that is attributed to the bonus – and cannot be withdrawn. The total of both numbers must always be 1 (representing the total amount, or 100%) or Rc+Rb = 100%

Applying the Bonus Ratio

Rb is applied to each trade when it is opened. So another factor that needs to be accounted for when calculating the account P&L is the amount invested vs. the amount returned on the trade. Therefore, we apply the following formula:
Cash balance = (return amount – invested amount) * Rc
Bonus balance = (return amount – invested amount) * Rb
So to continue with the example –
The user makes a trade with $100 (the user’s Rb was .4 when they opened the trade)
The user wins the trade, and the return is $200,
The cash (user can withdraw) P&L = (200 – 100) * .6 = $60 (60% of the profit)
The bonus P&L = (200 – 100) * .4 = $40 (40% of the profit)

Win and Loss on Trades (Examples)

Note that these are simplified examples that assume only one active bonus and one position for calculation.

Win example:
User’s cash balance (from deposit) = 1200
User’s (Unwagered) Bonus balance = 300
User’s total balance = 1500
Bonus ratio Rb = 0.2 (1 – (1200 / 1500))
The user makes a 1000 trade, which is profitable and returns 2000. The following are the final results of the trade (trade P&L):
Trade cash balance = 800
= (2000 returned – 1000 invested) * .8 (80% of the profit)
Trade bonus balance = 200
= (2000 returned – 1000 invested) * .2 (20% of the profit)
Cash balance (available to withdraw): 2000 (prev balance 1200 + trade balance 800)
Bonus balance (unavailable to withdraw): 500 (prev balance 300 + trade balance 200)
User’s Total Balance = 2500

Loss example:

User’s cash balance (from deposit) = 1200
User’s (Unwagered) Bonus balance = 300
User’s total balance = 1500
Bonus ratio Rb = 0.2 (1 – (1200 / 1500))
The user makes a 1000 trade, and loses the trade. The following are the final results of the trade (trade P&L):

Trade cash balance = -800
= (0 returned – 1000 invested) * .8 (80% of the loss)
Trade bonus balance = -200
= (0 returned – 1000 invested) * .2 (20% of the loss)
cash balance (available to withdraw): 400 (prev balance 1200 + trade balance -800)
bonus balance (unavailable to withdraw): 100 (previous balance 300 + trade balance -200)
User’s Total Balance = 500

Withdrawal – You can withdraw your money at any time!

1. Bonuses are only available for withdrawal after trading up to 60 times the bonus value. For example if a bonus of $30 is granted, the trader must complete a total trading volume of $1,800 before the bonus is available for withdraw (subject to account balance).

2. In the event that the entire or part of the deposit on which the bonus is given is withdrawn before 60 times the bonus has been traded then the following shall apply:

  • Bonus is Active  – Withdrawal Requests While Bonus is Active: Leadtrade Market does not wish to restrict your Account during the period in which you have not met the particular trading volume requirements related to your bonus.  Thus, if you request a withdrawal prior to achieving the minimum trading volume requirement, the full amount of all active bonus(es) will be deducted from the current balance of your Account along with trading Profit/Losses connected/associated to the bonus issued by the Company, in accordance with the Company’s Symmetrical Bonus Method protocols (see above), as described in detail above. You will then be able to manage the remaining balance in your account freely.
  • Positions Are Open  – Withdrawal Requests While Positions Are Open: In case there is an active bonus, Leadtrade Market reserves the right to delay the processing of your withdrawal request until all Open Positions are closed.  Thus, you must ensure that all Open Positions are closed/settled prior to submitting your withdrawal request.
  • Loses – In the case of trading loses all the trading loses will be borne from the original deposit and the remaining balance may be withdrawn.*
  • Profits – In the case of profits the trading profits shall be canceled and the original deposit may be withdrawn.*

Technology Bonuses (OnePlus Two)

In order to qualify, a minimum deposit of five thousand (5,000) EUR or equivalent currency of “new” funds must be made to your trading account and a minimum of twenty five (25,000) EURO in trading volume must be reached.

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