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OptionsClick views its customer’s security as being of paramount importance. Accordingly, we have implemented a series of security measures in order to ensure that usage of the OptionsClick platform is fully secure.



In order to trade using the OptionsClick platform, the registration process must be completed. This data is personal and must not be divulged to others. While logging into the system using your personal identifying details, it is recommended that no unauthorized persons are in your vicinity who can view this information.

User personal passwords are encrypted and must never be divulged to others, not even to OptionsClick personnel. If anyone requests your password, do not disclose it and immediately notify OptionsClick customer service.

As a precondition for performing Transactions at OptionsClick platform, you may be asked to provide certain identifying documents and any other documents required by the OptionsClick. If such documents are not provided, OptionsClick can, on its sole discretion, freeze you’re account for any period of time as well as to permanently close the account. Without prejudice to the above, OptionsClick may, at its sole discretion, refuse to open an account for any person or entity and for any reason, or no reason

Never save your username or password on or near a computer.


Passwords must be between 5 and 15 characters. Selection of password – You should choose a password that cannot be easily deciphered. Furthermore, your password should consist of random characters and digits.

Password replacement – You should change your password every three months. In the event that your password may have been revealed to others – immediately change the password. Periodically, users may be asked to change their password in order to maintain security.


In order to access the Trade section of the OptionsClick platform, you must enter your username and password correctly.

In case a person registers at OptionsClick platform on behalf of a corporation or other business entity, such registration shall be considered as a representation by such person, that such person is authorized to bind the corporation or other business entity.

Any use of OptionsClick platform with your username and password is your sole responsibility. The OptionsClick shall not be held responsible for any such use, including for validation that you are actually operating your account.


Exit the system by a press on “Logout”.

Encrypted Information

Access to the site system is secured and controlled by a firewall that enables access only to those services that are required by the system.

Information transmitted between OptionsClick and our clients’ personal computers is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryption certificate that has been provided for the site by “Thawte”. OptionsClick supervises and controls the systems’ communications, and records all activities taking place in the system. Sensitive data (such as passwords) is maintained in encrypted format.

OptionsClick information technology staff supervises all activities, including performance of routine checks, in order to ensure that security is maintained.


To unsubscribe from any of OptionsClick’s newsletters, promotions or database, please send an email to Please include your name and email address for the accounts you wish removed. Unsubscribe links may also be found on all emails and newsletters.

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