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License no. 296/16 Highest Security standards

The following terms used in this Agreement shall have the meaning ascribed next to them, unless stated otherwise in this Agreement:

3.1.               “System” shall mean an electronic system designed to facilitate trading in Financial Contracts via the Internet using the OptionsClick platform as defined above subject to all terms of this Agreement and the terms of the Trading Manual (as defined below) which conforms an integral part of the Agreement;

3.2.               “Financial Contract” or “Contract” shall mean a contract to purchase Binary Options or Digital Options or any other financial offering that the Company may offer by the System from time to time to its customers;

3.3.               “Binary or Digital Options” shall mean an option which offers a fixed return predetermined at the onset of the Contract;

3.4.               “Contract Price” shall mean the rates offered by the System and based upon “indicative” rates provided by various financial information systems as the current updated rates for contracts of the applicable nature on the financial markets;

3.5.               “Markets” shall mean the international financial, commodities, and other applicable markets, where contract rates are being fixed upon free trade, and other markets where various financial assets are traded;

3.6.               “Business Day” shall mean one calendar day beginning at 00:00 and ending at 23:59 GMT;

3.7.               “Transaction” shall mean purchase/sale of a Financial Contract for a fixed price;

3.8.               “Closing” shall mean a reversed transaction aimed to close an open position (sale of a financial contract previously purchased and vice versa) with a sum or at a quantity identical to the one spent in the initial transaction on the same Business Day;

3.9.               “Collateral” shall mean the initial sum deposited by you with the Company after the deduction of loses, deduction of funds withdrawn by yourself, plus profits derived from the Transactions;

3.10.           “Trading Manual” shall mean the manual detailing the procedures and terms for the performance and execution of Transactions;

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