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How to Trade

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How to Trade

Binary options trading is one of the most popular methods of online trading today.  The click and trade option makes this type of trading more inviting to a wide audience of financial traders at a range of different experience levels.   The high returns and visible and easy-to-understand risks enable trader to trade binary options with added confidence.

Trading binary options online requires little to no prior knowledge of experience.  There’s no need for a background in finance or economics and OptionsClick gives you all the tools you need to understand changing market trends.

Step 1. Register/Login

The first step to trading binary options is creating an account with OptionsClick. Registering is very simply and opening up your account just takes a few short minutes.  Once you’re done, you’ll have a username and password that you can use to sign in from any internet browser.

Once you’re ready to trade, you’ll want to fund your account. OptionsClick offers a large selection of trusted payment methods so you can deposit into your account conveniently via our secure servers.

Step 2. Pick an Asset to Trade

OptionsClick offers a wide range of asset types to trade.  Sign in and select an asset to trade from our selection of currencies, commodities, stocks and indices.  It’s recommended to choose an instrument that you are familiar and have prior knowledge of in order to feel comfortable making a prediction.

Step 3. Choose an Expiry Period

At OptionsClick, you can choose between a range of trading periods, each one with a different length of time.  This gives you ultimate flexibility to trade at a time that best suits you.  Select an expiry date from the dropdown menu. Please note that times are displayed in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

Step 4. Make a Prediction

Now that you’ve chosen the asset you’d like to trade and you’ve set the trading period, you’re ready to make a prediction. Predictions on binary trading are very straightforward – you need to decide if the asset will rise in value or fall in value.


If you think the asset will rise in value at the end of the trading period you’ve selected, choose the “HIGH” option.  If you think the asset will lose value and fall at the end of your selected trading period, choose the “LOW” option.


You can also use the TOUCH/NO TOUCH option if you think the market will touch the target price at any time before the end of the trading period you’ve selected.

Select “TOUCH” if you think the market will touch the target price at any time before expiration.  Select “NO TOUCH” if you think the market will not touch the target price at any time before expiration.


If you think the market price will close between (e.g., inside the range of) the upper and lower target prices, select “IN”.  If you think the market price will close outside the upper or lower target prices, select “OUT”.

Step 5. Enter an Amount to Trade

Once you’ve set the asset, chosen an expiry period and made your prediction, you will have the option to select the amount you would like to trade.  You will also see how much you stand to earn if your prediction is correct at the end of your chosen trading period.  This will help you decide how much to trade.

Now you’re ready to execute your trade! You can track the performance of your trade second by second on the OptionsClick trading chart.  Your open trades are easily visible on the right side of the “Trade” page or on your “My Account” tab.

Good luck!

If you have any question, need advice, assistance or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or phone at any time – we’re here for your 24 hours a day!

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